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Monday, May 05, 2008

This will be a quick post this morning....I spent the weekend at the homeschool convention doing research on the upcoming year. I found some neat things I'd never seen before. I bought some beautiful handwriting and copywork books from www.queenhomeschool.com for all you Charlotte Mason fans. I also picked up a really neat book on lapbooks that I am hoping to add to our school day next year. I went by myself on Friday night to stay the night with my girlfriends, and Brendan brought the kids over the next day. The kids loved being at the convention. Rebecca played chess all day and learned quite a few tricks from the Chessmaster. She looked so cute sitting there....the boys were elbowing each other out of the way to play with her, and she was beating most of them good, especially with her new knowledge from the Chessmaster. Luke bounced between the chess table and the science experiments. He was given the job of carrying a giant rocket through the convention center and shouting "Rocketry show in 10 minutes!" Sam was mostly excited about the cotton candy. Lilly was so good in her stroller...she colored in her new color book with her markers most of the day.

Now I have to go through the great mental challenge of figuring out all their books and how much they will cost. Then I will go back to the convention in July and purchase. I'll buy most things through www.tapestryofgrace.com and the rest at convention.

BUT before I do that......I am trying to read this book http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Things-Done-Stress-Free-Productivity/dp/0142000280/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210001779&sr=8-1 Getting things DONE! I wish I knew how to put the pretty Amazon linky thing with the picture on my blog, but I don't have time to figure it out today. I am trying to order everything I have to do into his system and see if it works for me during the summber months, and then incorporate it into our school life. I really want my kids to be better about setting goals and getting things done on a routine than their parents are! It's a weakness that both Brendan and I recognize, so we are hoping to teach ourselves and them at the same time. Anyway.....the laundry is calling and the baby is WAY too quiet, which probably involves nail polish or Sharpie markers. Oddly, the boys are not bickering, so something is probably wrong there too. But, there you go. I blogged today. Cross that one off the list. I am getting things DONE! Love, Lesli

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Christine said...

Hi Lesli--Just checked into your blog after a long absence and noticed that you're reading David Allen's book Getting Things Done. I read it last year and it's AWESOME! I've been slowly trying all year to get myself organized into his system, and it just so happens that I really started to go through my inbox in earnest this week. I have things dated back to 2004 in there! Anyway, I hope to have everything done by this weekend (fingers crossed). It's amazing how much calmer I feel knowing what all my "stuff" is, even if I'm not finding the time to do it. I'm getting really good at recording thoughts into my "system" as I have them, and that really helps to. No more little scraps of paper with little lists all over the place! Anyway, keep it up--it's SO worth it! Love, Christine