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Monday, June 02, 2008

These are some photos from our trip to the Botanical Gardens last week.....I'm a little late blogging. For you non-Georgia readers, school here ends in May, so it is the most hectic month of the year...lots of end of the year parties and loose ends to wrap up! So the blogging has been a little light. Here is our Lilly Pie using her field journal to make some flowers.
These are Lilly Pie's best buddies: Isabella and Caroline
My first born who looks just too grown up!
Luke loved the motion sculptures at the garden....I have a feeling he will be inspired to make a few for our garden at home. He especially liked this one, because he is 8.
This was our group that went. Thanks Krista, once again, for organizing such a great trip. It was one of my favorites and the kids are begging for a membership so we can go back often. It really was beautiful, and it was fun to see the absolute delight on my kids faces as they were exposed to the creativity of God just in the world of flowers.

I'll blog more later on our hilarious trip to the zoo.

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mareseatoats said...

I love that group picture. Can you email a copy to me?