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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Rebecca turned 11 yesterday, and we were so busy having fun, I didn't get to post. We started our day with the traditional Richard's family birthday breakfast. We always decorate the windows of our breakfast room with chalk markers to celebrate the birthday person. We made cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and strawberries for breakfast. Rebecca was eagerly anticipating the possibility of receiving a fancy curling iron that she wanted, and she wasn't dissapointed. Fully ringleted out, we spent the day trying on all the clothes that Nya-Nya sent her, with the occasional bit of schoolwork. At dinner time, Rebecca and I headed over to the pottery painting place and each painted a piece. We ate dinner at a sushi place, and Rebecca ate her first bite of sushi...she said she liked it, but only ate one, so perhaps she was just being polite! We did our history discussion at the restaurant...our first in our planned "girls nights out" for history discussions.

Rebecca is growing into such a neat young woman. We are amazed at the great job God does at covering over our parenting mistakes! She is a hard worker and very helpful with her siblings. She rarely complains about having to help, but looks for things to do to lighten my load. She is just plain fun to live with, and I am so thankful that, 11 years ago, God chose me to be her mom!

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