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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking the blogging fast for breaking news that occurred in the Richards household this week:

SNAKE IN THE COMPOSTER (or life in the South.)
oh my.
daughter: Mom, did you put a hose in the composter?
me: No.
daughter: Then there is a HUGE big black snake coiled right on top of the compost pile.
me: (frantically thinking how I can garden without ever going outside again) Well, it is a nice warm place for him to be, and he eats mice and rats, so let's leave him be. (Do not show fear. Do not show fear. Do not transfer irrational terrors to children. ) Hey Luke, there is a black snake in the composter. Do you want to see it?

Brave Son: Goes out to composter with camera.
Me: (Hiding behind locked doors and double paned windows)
Brave Son: (takes picture) Mom, it's just bananas.

Me: Whew. I can again dump compost. Or maybe not. It does seem like a logical place for a snake to sleep. Better play it safe. Brave Son has now inherited the job of feeding our new snake "Bob Dole".


Anonymous said...

That is funny! Good to have you back!!!

The Glasers said...

That reminds me of the time my granny got my grandpapa to shoot his belt because she thought she saw a snake while hanging clothes on the line near the ditch!