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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Best Laid Plans are all in vain.......... sweet Samuel has the stomach flu. Poor little guy was miserable all day and really needed me, so school was called off for Luke. Rebecca kept plugging away and got her stuff done. I laid him on the couch of my room and spent the day going through the baby's clothes and realistically trying to keep only what she needs. We have been so blessed by people giving us so many hand-me-downs. I usually box them up by size and put them in the basement. By the time I open the box when she gets to that size, we have way more than one baby girl could ever wear. Her drawers end up stuffed and she wears the 6 outfits on the top over and over. I feel as though others could benefit from all those clothes, so I decided to only keep what she needs. I cleared, ehem, 2 1/2 black trash bags filled with baby clothes out of her room. How embarrassing. I will be taking them over to goodwill tomorrow when Rebecca and I go hunting for jeans for her. I am going to to the same thing tomorrow in the boys room. I really dread this seasonal clothes shifting every year (didn't have to do that in California!) but I feel energized by getting that much out of the house. I am trying to get all the kids clothes shifted and lists made of what they need by the end of the week.

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