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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've had my Sunday night planning session thanks to my fabulous husband who kept the little ones out of the schoolroom for a few hours......Here are our plans for the week!

Bible: Exodus 1-5 (the Israelites life of slavery)
Hymn Study: Amazing Grace/John Newton (which will take us on a Wilberforce/slavery rabbit trail I'm sure
History: Lectures on Egyptian Government, Pyramids, Mummys and a few days on famous pharoahs - Lots of reading on these topics as well. We will make Egyptian paddle dolls, some pyramid models for our Nile river, and at the end of the week will be casting the childrens faces to make King Tut type gold masks, but with the actual facial features of the children. I'm not so sure Luke will be up for this, but the others will be, I'm sure. I think we will skip mummifying the chicken this time around.
Science - they are all begining to read about the human body for their science presentation at their science club at the end of the month. Rebecca has already decided that she wants to do hers on Baby Ella's birth defect and how the doctors were able to fix it. We will spend a week or two doing general reading and then let them pick a specific topic or experiment.
Reading: Rebecca is reading The Golden Goblet, and Luke is reading a book on King Tut.
Writing: Rebecca will be doing a rough draft of a compare/contrast essay on living in California vs. Georgia and preparing pre-writing line diagrams and sequence charts for government and mummification. Luke will be learning about pronouns this week.
Geography - we will be making salt maps of imaginary places depicting all kinds of new land forms they learned about last week like bluffs and archipegalos.

The little ones will be doing Interlock preschool....we are learning about light and shadows this week. Samuel is doing Explode the Code phonics. I am mainly doing alot of reading and messy art with them at this stage.

Well, those are my big plans this week...this will be my accountability forum to get it all done!

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Brendan said...

My wife does a fabulous job with school, keeping the house, staying up with her quiet time. She's amazing. I definitely married up!!