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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It has been so long since I have had time to blog, but my daughter's new blog at

has me inspired to get started again. And why, you ask, has it been so long? Well, I've actually been schooling my children well and trying to stay away from time suckers like blogs. Now, good school days usually mean bad house days. For every fun photo I post, I should post one like this one of my family room, lest you err and think I have it all together. We have had some great fun studying this year. Now we are traveling double-time through Greece to get finished this year. This means the kids are doing twice as much work every week, and they are taking it pretty well. Here is a photo of Luke doing a taxonomy exercise with his Legos this morning and one of them working on the Trojan horse. Brendan built a box that fits on the wagon, and we are making the head this week. The kids wanted to go for a walk in it (all closed up in the box) and I'm sure the neighbors were wondering if they should call Child Protective Services on us for keeping our kids in a wooden crate on walks. But they love it, and there will probably be some epic battles going on once we finish the armor! Today we need to build some kind of tactile map of the Greek Isles....I'm trying to decide between a salt map or a really big map in our baby pool. I'm thinking the baby pool might come in handly if we get some warmer weather, so I'm leaning toward the salt map and trying to convince the troops it's the way to go. However, they think big, and want a decent size Greece to play with soldiers on. And by the way, did you know that Greek toy soldiers are extremely expensive? I saw some for about 300$ for ONE! Sorry boys, make some little sheilds for the green men and call it a day. Samuel says that it is fine...he'll just call our Egyptians Greeks. They're all Greek to him.

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