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Monday, November 26, 2007

Okay...time to work on our soup some more........The chicken should be nice and done. Carefully take the chickens out and set them aside to debone. Strain the rest of the broth through a strainer into a bowl (you might have to do this in stages if your bowl is small). Add the broth back into the cooker. Cut up some carrots if you want to add more veggies, and throw them in the cooker until they are done, at 400. Then add your noodles or dumplings and cook until they are done. Then add the frozen peas and let them cook about 5 minutes. Lastly add the deboned chicken. Check your liquid to solid ratio and add more water with bouillon if you think you need it.

After it cools, you can put it into gallon size freezer bags. You can take some and put it into your crockpot insert and freeze it in that shape. You can pull out the frozen chunk and put it into one of those REALLY big freezer bags they sell now. Then you are ready to take a meal if someone you know is sick, or you can buy some store bought rolls and dessert and have another family over for lunch after church. It really didn't take any more time to do this much than just one pot. This is the way I love to cook.

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Tracy S said...

Keep these cook-along's coming! As soon as you know what and when you'll be cooking, post it and I'll cook along with you! I need more motivation to avoid Taco Bell...:0)