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Monday, November 26, 2007

How to have a Webkins Birthday Party for about 20$

On November 7th Samuel turned 5. He was so excited to have a webkins party. I felt pretty financially challenged for this one, as we have had so many medical expenses with both Luke and myself. I had a budget of 20$. Here is what we did:

Called and invited 6 homeschooling families to come over. The reason that they are homeschooling families is significant is that this means ALL children are coming to the party. We had 32 children! I did not make fancy invitations or spend money on postage to send them.

Brendan cut a wooden Wheel of Wow out of wood and Samuel painted it. All stuff we had around the house. You could easily make one out of posterboard if you didn't have wood.

I made cupcakes from cake mix and frosted them with homemade buttercream icing. I decorated them with bright colored sprinkes. I bought juice boxes. I made a coconut cake and made tea for the moms. Altogether, the food probably cost me about 7$.

I bought some prizes for the games and some balloons from the party store. I spent 8$ on those. I used leftover Halloween candy for prizes as well. The kids made homemade "Welcome to Webkins World" signs for the door.

We set up a Webkins store on the dining room table and placed our Wheel of Wow there. The kids would spin for prizes or play money (with Sam's picure on it) to spend later at the Webkins store.

We blew up about 60 balloons and placed a dollar of play money inside each. We put them in trash bags until right before the party when we put them inside our trampoline. The kids played "Wacky Zingo's Jump" and popped balloons to get cash.

We had a relay race where the kids had to go from one side of the yard to the other with a webkin on their head. We timed the teams, but they all earned cash. :)

We had a gem hunt by taking a few bags of those glass rocks from Michaels (.99 on the clearance rack) and hiding them around the perimeter of our yard. They LOVED this!

At the end we let them spend their cash on prizes and candy. The prizes were bubbles, pencils, notepads, and candy.

I sent them home with a bag of homemade pancake mix in a cellophane bag tied with 6 animal shaped cookie cutters. I made Webkins Pancake mix tags for them by scanning a tag and using the picture. The cookie cutters were at Michaels for 50 for 8.99, and I had a 40% off coupon!

From what I have heard, they all enjoyed it.

It was fun to have the budget perameters and try to be creative. They all seemed to have a great time, and Samuel thought it was the best party ever!

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