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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 Day E-Bay Challenge

I decide this week that I would be resourceful when it comes to getting us set up for the next school year. One of the things that I really wanted to do was to purchase a laptop for school planning, so I could leave the premises, or take it into the yard while the kids were playing to do do lesson plans. I received birthday money for almost all of it, but then I blew it on.....curriculum for next year. I was impatient to get my new Tapestry of Grace! So I decided that if I sold 10 items a day on Ebay, for 10 days, for just 5$ a peice, I'd have the money for my computer. I have been pulling out old clothes that don't fit, school books I know we won't use again, CD's I'm not that fond of.....basically anything I can ask myself "Would I rather have _________ or a laptop?" If the answer is laptop, onto Ebay the object goes. The scary thing is that I haven't really had to try that hard to look for stuff to sell. I've barely left my school room and I'm already up to 110$ in bids and my auctions don't close for another 4 days. This is only three days into the challenge!

So, dear readers, what great tool could you use? What could you get rid of? Anyone want to join me in the challenge? And declutter your home at the same time! What a deal! Come on, Vick....you KNOW you want that Garage Band set up! Start making a pile today!

Love, Lesli

1 comment:

Brendan said...

Great job on the ebay stuff Babe! You rock!