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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Musings

I had a great Mother's Day! My day started with the clatter of pots and pans at 5:30am (they were a little eager to make me breakfast) and a cup of coffee by my bedside. I sipped my coffee in bed (oh, the luxury) and read "I Saw the Angel in the Marble" - a book of essays on homeschooling. Then I closed my eyes and spent some time just thinking about the lofty ideas I had been reading about. Another luxury.....a completed thought. When I was called to breakfast, the table was set with bacon, eggs, toast, and PRESENTS! My husband and children showered me with lovelies....perfume, nail stuff, and bath goodies! AND a copy of Southern Living with a five dollar bill inside for coffee! What a great day with my sweeties. Then it was off to church and another great sermon from Pastor Dan.

We decided to join two other familes for lunch at a place called The Golden Corral. We had never been there before, but our friends said it was a great place to take kids. Turns out, it is a southern all-you-can-eat buffet. And, man, are they serious! After waiting in line in the roller-coaster-type line apparatus, we were given bright colored plates and shown to a huge table that accomadated the six grown-ups and our 14 collective kids. They had about every kind of food you could imagine, including fried chicken livers, okra, grits, and lots of other Southern specialties. They also had Chinese food and Mexican food, and a huge dessert buffet. It was WILD! Our whole family ate for 41$ including drinks and dessert. We all ate until we were stuffed. It was fun hanging out with the Schultz's and Miller's and laughing so hard I think I lost Diet Coke out of my nose at least twice. We had a fabulous friendly waitress who treated us like we were royalty, despite 14 rowdy kids and several drink spills. All in all it was a great time.

When I got home, I started thinking about previous Mother's Day, especially my first. I beleive it was the Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach, for about 50$ a head....champagne brunch, dressed to the nines with my ONE little 8 month old baby, also dressed to the nines in an outfit that probably cost as much as mine......china....crystal....champagne....beach view.....tuxedoed waiters....ice sculptures, etc. Yes, we were the OC beautiful people back then. We used a credit card to pay the bill that we couldn't afford to be at a place to impress ourselves. Ick.

Fast forward 10 years, 4 children, 3000 miles across the country. Brunch at the cheesy "Golden Trough" in Bubbaville Georgia was so much more fun and memorable. The waitress was more gracious, the children were happier, and I don't even think their clothes matched. My "baby" was wearing a Christmas dress, pink glitter ballet slippers, and the bow from her Georgia Bulldogs cheerleading costume. Did I mention that she dresses herself?

We were with some of the best friends we've ever known, with their kids that we love like our own. And we paid our 41$ in cash. Yee Haw. Bubbaville ROCKs and God is ever so good to allow us to live here.

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