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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I promised a friend to post a "real" picture for every "supermom" picture that I post, so you all realize that a picture is not always representative of what is going on in my house. So.............while all that card creativity was going on in the kitchen, and all that reading aloud was going on in the family room, and my oldest dd was upstairs sick with a very "dramatic" cold, this is what happened in the schoolroom. Needless to say, my free time today will be fixing this mess. AND filling out the mountain of paperwork for our Autism evaluation at Emory tomorrow. Luke will be seen by 13 different specialists at the Marcus Institute. We are very excited about being accepted into this research study....it will give us access to professionals we could never a)afford and b)get an appointment with. I should have a very cool report in my hands giving me a clear picure of where Mr. Luke is at in all different areas, which will be a great help when selecting our resources for next year. AND I have to take back the pile of overdue library books in the above photo. AND take a very shaggy young man to Blalocks for a haircut - don't want him looking like THAT for his Emory evaluation! AND get in my attendence forms. Yeesh. Lilly is yelling "Oh NO! MESSY! MESSY!" This can't be good.

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