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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Mother's Day From the Richard's Card Factory. We spent last night being creative and making cards for all the grandma's. My sweet husband surprised me with this one that he painted himself. Isn't he talented? This was quite out of the box for him, and I'm so proud of him for getting in there and getting creative, my beloved accountant type-of-guy. Anyway, he left it out for me this morning so I could enjoy it all week.
MOTHER'S DAY DISCLAIMER...boys make really weird Mother's Day cards.....with things THEY like, like soldiers, weapons, machines, ghosts, etc. I take no responsibility. I suggested some more "feminine" options and they looked at me like I had 7 heads. So be prepared. So far there is no blood and guts drawn on any of them, so that's good. But it's still early. I'm just saying.......
Be INSPIRED.....Mother's Day is COMING.....make it fun!

A great family activity is to have a basket of art supplies, cardstock, envelopes, stamps, collage stuff, glitter glue (no glitter - it's banned from our house, but that's another story) to set in the middle of the table after dinner. Have everyone make cards for someone who is sick, or an upcoming birthday or holiday. It's fun to see how even dads get into this when given the supplies and the freedom to create (not just produce). One of our best memories is when Grandpa and JoJo came over during Valentine's Day Week. We had a dinner of pizza and strawberry soda in champagne flutes....very exciting! Then I pulled out some cookie sheets filled with paper, doilies, rubber stamps, etc. We all made cards for each other. I have saved them, and especially love the one my Dad made for me. It was a great night!

I think that being creative is really important, ESPECIALLY for grown-ups who get so caught up in the maintenance of everyday life that they ignore/stifle that God-given facet of themselves. Let's remember to give these opportunities to our families, and especially our spouses...even though it might be messy. Besides, does Hallmark really NEED another 4 bucks? I'd rather have a fancy coffee drink at my favorite establishment, which my husband lovingly calls "Fourbucks" because that's how much is always on my debit card statement.
Enough rambling....someone is yelling "GIVE ME BACK MY GUN!"...... no it's not a real gun, but one made out of Zoob building pieces.....my boys have been known to bite their toast into gun shapes. It's a genetic thing, and nothing that a girl brought up so close to Berkeley would have taught her sons. Anyway, I need to go in there and give them a serious talking to about peace, love and understanding. Love, Lesli

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