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Sunday, May 25, 2008

BEFORE: the great landing make-over
Rebecca and I have been quilting so much that we have taken over the dining room table in a very scary way. (It's scary to leave pins and rotary cutters lying about with babies in the house!) Plus, we can't eat there, so that's an issue. Last week we decided to make over our upstairs landing into a little sewing nook for ourselves. It started with my 5$ purchase of the linen press in these pictures and some "free" paint that has been in our basement for about five years.
Note the undesirable qualities: the cat box, the spilled coffee on carpet that won't come up, courtesy of one small child who poured said cup of coffee into now-non-working laptop (also an undesirable quality) and onto the carpet, kiddie kitchen where real food loves to migrate and make messes and an unknown pile of stuff that has been "needing to go downstairs" for months. Also undesirable are the books on the shelves that were kicked out of the basement shelves for school books.... these need to go into the booksheves dear husband is building in our bedroom, to house the books that he and I read on a regular basis. But, that's another make-over.

1 comment:

Vicki Miller said...

Lesli, I am inspired!!! I am in the process of getting my music room ready! This has made me so excited. What a difference! That was a great idea to take pictures. I love the fabric skirts. Thanks for sharing and happy quilting. :)