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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not sure why we are wearing our Greek chiton to use power tools, but okay.........it works.
Pickle jars make great free thread holders!
No more cat box....It's moving to more "pet appropriate" quarters...like the garage.
We are going to paint the chairs black and cover them with more free fabric from Mrs. Roach!

My 5$ linen press all gussied up. And, yes, I know I still need to vacuum. Our cutting table with all the storage underneath hidden. Somebody better start having some babies, because there is LOTS of baby fabric under there!
Rebecca and I's quilting stash, neatly organized!
Rebecca's first project in our new room...cut out at 11pm last night!

AFTER: the great landing makeover

This involved free fabric courtesy of a good friends leftovers to make skirts for the tables dear husband put together from scraps. I went crazy with the lime green paint and made it really fun by adding furry lime green trim to our skirts. We now have a design wall (already loaded with a project courtesy of my dear daughter), a cutting table, two workable machines, all our fabric folded uniformly, and our supplies close at hand. The only thing left to do is put peg board over our cutting table with all our cutting implements and quilting rulers.
Yay! We did it! And for 5$
What can you make over? On your mark, get set, go!


RueRue said...

NICE! When ya gonna come makeover my spaces?

mareseatoats said...

Awesome! What is a linen press????

never-tease-a-weasel said...

A linen press is the shelf thingy that has our fabric on it....I didn't know what it was either, until I bought it. I thought it was a "southern thing" but if you don't know, Ms. Mare, it's probably not!