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Friday, June 20, 2008

The past few days have been much better with Luke. I know people have been praying for us, and I am very grateful and humbled by your kind comments and prayers. People have contacted us with some wonderful resources to use, and I even found a wonderful meeting to go to for homeschool moms with kids like Luke, thanks to my sweet friend Rachel.

We have begun a new devotional at our house. It is called Sword Fighting by Karyn Henly.

You can see her website at http://www.karynhenley.com/site_pages/Bibleprod_new.htm#anch_SF . We use her Day by Day Kids Bible for devotions, and Rebecca did the Sword Fighting Devotional last year. I decided that Luke might like it, and that it might help him to have some biblical means to fight off some of his sensory issues and maintain self-control even when it is hard. So we sat on the couch this week and learned Psalm 119:11 "For I have hidden your word in my heart so that I might not sin against you." The first day we cut a sword out of a cardboard box and spray painted it silver in Daddy's shop. We wrote the verse on the sword. Luke said he would like to hang it in his room. All week we have talked about temptation and sin, and how to overcome it. This morning, we waited until everyone was good and hungry, and then Luke made biscuits. Sam made the honey butter. We talked while we were baking about how hungry Jesus must have been in the desert, and how he really must have been tempted to turn those rocks into bread. Later today we will make a big domino maze and talk about how sin is like the first domino....if you are sinning, it usually effects others and not just you, just like the first domino falling. I can see that these visual devotions are helping Luke understand more about himself and God. He looked ahead to next week, which happens to be on self-control and said "Oh, good! I really need that one!"

I would highly recommend this book, and the others on Karen's website.

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Pam said...

This was so encouraging to read, Lesli! I'm so glad that Luke is making progress, and that these hands on methods are helping him to really get the Biblical truths. I may need to get that book for our family! Our 8 year old has sensory processing disorder and struggles alot with self control. You've given me some great ideas. Thanks!

Pam in SE MI (TLT)