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Monday, December 28, 2009

Not to brag, but my sister sent us the most awesome Christmas gift for families with little kids.

This little beauty is a instant gratification lover's dream. It makes popsicles out of healthy ingredients almost instantly. You can even make them stripey or fill them with cream or yogurt. You just keep the insert in the freezer for at least 24 hours (ours lives in the freezer) and you can make up to 9 popcicles without re-freezing it. What a great way to use up the last bit of the smoothie in the blender! There is a great video at William Sonoma that shows how it works.

My sister gave me the heads up that it was coming, so when it arrived, Brendan did surgery on the beautifully wrapped package to remove the inserts and hide them in the freezer, as we figured that as soon as the present was opened on Christmas morning the little people who live in our home would NOT want to wait 24 hours to make these beauties! It was a good call, because they all decided that the special juice I bought for Christmas had to be made into stripey popsicles for breakfast. I think we have a new Christmas breakfast tradition on our hands.

And can I just add that my sister is such an awesome auntie that she didn't want any of her neices and nephews to have to wait even a few minutes for a popsicle, so she sent TWO!!! So, if you stop by this summer, make sure you ask to make yourself a stripey popsicle. It is way too much fun!

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