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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh, it's scary long ago since I posted....I'm so embarrassed...kind of like the friend you know you should call, but then so much time goes by that you feel stupid making the call at all....know what I mean? Anyway...I pledge to blog more, because I love the record it leaves of my life with 5 little hilarious people and one big one who is just as entertaining.
So much has happened in the last 6 months! We spent most of it homebound because of a pregnancy complication. I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa, and was told to expect a c-section. Miracles abound around here, and sure enough, God, in his infinate mercy and goodness, chose to move it safely out of the way. My doctor said that it was a "once in a lifetime" miracle, and gave God all the glory. After that scare was over, the good doctor confined me to the house for the remainder of the pregnancy because of the H1N1 scare, which could have been deadly for myself and the baby, since I was unable to take the vaccine.
It was hard being isolated, but nice to be home and not running around as much. It was all worth it when Rosalie Jane came into the world two weeks early on November 9th. It was a beautiful birth and we are both healthy and well. She is six weeks old and slept a 7 hour stretch last night, which is so awesome! (it's a crying shame someone else got up at 2am requiring my attention - I didn't get to take advantage of the sleep!) I'll leave you with a picture (or three) of our new sweet girl and will post her birth story soon.

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